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Accomodation’s Advice From Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour

One important thing you must consider when you have to go on holiday is accommodation. But you don’t need to think about that anymore if you join Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour since it has some recommendation based on your budget. Also, the tour company will book rooms and transport as well. Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour will give some advice for searching the guest house such as :

  • Room rates

If you are looking for the guesthouse and home living during your stay in North Sumatra, you can check on the internet about room rates. You need to find a room with high rates and sometimes it is shown by stars.

  • Most bedrooms in guest house have one large bed whether it is double or king size. If you book one room for two people, then you need to share a bed. However, there will be extra beds like mattress but you need to pay for that. If you have more family members, then you can book family rooms with separate beds. But if you can’t share bed, just book separate rooms.
  • Some guesthouses in North Sumatra especially in Bukit Lawang don’t have air cons since the building is built under Leuser Mountain. Also, to make the room become cheaper, the owner choose not to give air cons inside rooms. They change it with fan. Also, the building is made of woods so you will feel cool inside without using fan.
  • Indonesia bathing is little bit different from western since they don’t use tub or shower. You have to take a bath using small bucket and take water from large container. Then pour yourself and use soap to clean your body. The water is cool and it is perfect for you to cool down after sweating all day because of trekking.

You will feel Indonesian culture better from the guest house and learn new experiences about Indonesian living. Join us now since the trip take 3 hours or more, the cost is from 25 Euros/person, we walk exploring a part National Park to see orangutans and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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