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     Privacy Policy 
Privacy Policy of Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour
Every tour and travel is committed to protect the privacy policy of their clients, however, Bukit Lawang Jungle has different way to do their task since they develop advanced technology to collect and store the data from clients and there are many things that can be done using this technology such as:

  • Personal information’s collection

Your personal data such as name, phone number, work address, home address, and email address will be collected using the technology including unusual data of your background such as favorites and interest, preferences, gender, age and you ZIP code of homeland. Also, to maintain the quality and service through your computer, it will collect your website address, domain names, browser type even IP address for your convenience.

  • The purpose of data collection

The main reason why the company collects your personal information is to send the service you have required before. The company will also send the latest or the newest products of tour directly to your personal account. Besides, it will contact you sometimes to ask about the opinion and review after using the service. However, you don’t need to worry about safety since the company will not sell your data to other parties.

  • The use of cookies on internet

Cookies is designed to give and provide the beneficial feature for you to save the time. It will make you to return to the specific page. If you want to search on information about Bukit Lawang Jungle tour again, then you can use cookies to go back to Bukit Lawang website again and gain your information.

  • The safety of your personal data

As you read before that Bukit Lawang Jungle tour will protect the secret of your personal data without selling it to another party. It will secure your personal information from any unauthorized access since the company has safety system called SSL or Secure Socket Layer Protocol. So, what are you waiting for? Register soon and be part of our tour. Note: itinerary is only indicative, there may be some variations due to various factors, such as weather conditions (in the rainy season we may ask you to make an earlier start, but it is not essential as we can continue even in heavy rain) and the characteristics of the group (e.g we can make the trek longer or shorter according to your physical condition).

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