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Four Day Mini Survival Trek

Four Day Mini Survival Trek

Four Day Mini Survival Trek : learn how to live in jungle.
It is not only one, two or three days you can spend in Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour, but it offers four days mini survival trek that is suitable for you who want to have adventure life in the jungle along with orang utan and other endemic faunas. You’re not just walking adn exploring wildlife, but also sleeping and living for three nights in the middle of jungle. Can you survive? Of course you can survive since you will sleep inside the tent at camping ground area and meals are going to be served by the guides. However, you can learn as well how to prepare your own food using survival techniques.

This trek will allow you to go deeper in the jungle and learn animals’ behaviors as well as characteristics. Actually, there are two main rivers in Bukit Lawang. One is Bohorok and the other is Landak. However, Bohorok river is becoming the way back for tourists since it is near to the village while Landak is so far away about 5 km. That is why most of treks are made through Bohorok river so the tourists and guide can go back by rafting down the river to guesthouse. On the first night, the tourists will sleep at Adi Black camp.

Then on the second night, you will move to another camping ground called Ekor which is located in Bohorok River. On the third night, you will go further up from Bohorok to Namoreh. Then on the last day, your group will walk stream to Alor and then go back again to Bohorok and return to starting point. On the third day, you will work together with guide to do some survival techniques you have never experienced before such as fishing, looking for fruits and vegetables and cooking for dinner. What a new experience to do! You must join us since the trip takes 4 days, the cost is starting from 35 Euros/person, and we walk exploring a part National Park to see orangutans and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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