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Half Day Trek : Suitable For Busy People in Exploring Bukit Lawang

Half Day Trek : Suitable For Busy People in Exploring Bukit Lawang

As one of the best tour and travels in North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang Jungle knows what you need though you are not telling it. It will serve you at its best with some packages you can choose since different tourists have different will. If you don’t want to stay for whole day in Bukit Lawang or in the jungle, you may choose half day trek which is simpler and of course cheaper. It is designed for tourists who don’t want to spend their time for walking in a full day. Also, it is suitable for you who have no time to spare longer in Bukit Lawang due to other activities.

This half day trek is perfect for you who hate to get hot and sweaty a lot while exploring the jungle to see the last population of Orang Utan in the world and of course other endemic animals that live side by side. If you feel hot, then you can chill out in the Bohorok River while rafting down the river to return to your starting point if you don’t want to walk back. This trek will lasts for three hours and you will have enough time to see wildlife. However, that time can be changed sometimes since you may not know what will happen inside the jungle.

The tour will guarantee the experienced guide that may help you exploring the jungle in a group consist of six people and no more than that. If you are already coming with many people, then you have your own group. The purpose of little group is maximizing your quality time to explore wildlife while getting the explanation from the guide. The guide will show you some species of animals and plants. You may feel different experience you haven’t felt before by using Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour. You can choose the best time to start trekking but usually, it will start in the morning (note: the trek usually begins from 7am to 2pm; however minimum group sizes apply (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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