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One Day Trek to Explore The Last Sanctuary of Orang Utan’s Population

One Day Trek to Explore The Last Sanctuary of Orang Utan’s Population

For some people, time is money but holiday is a must. If you don’t have much time to spend more days in Bukit Lawang due to your activities, you can choose one day trek tour to explore the beauty of the jungle where the rarest animals live and perhaps, you may not see them in other countries. The last sanctuary of Orang Utan is calling you for exploring them with your own eyes. This trip will maximize your time in seeing the wildlife in Bukit Lawang while spotting many living things inside. However, it is also designed for you who don’t want to sleep in the jungle or have no enough time to spare in there.

After exploring the wildlife, you may get splashed of water in Bohorok river while rafting down to go back to your starting point. It is more refreshing that walking back to where you come first. The expert guide is ready to serve you and take you around the jungle. However, the group must consist of maximum six people and no more than that so you can get more knowledge about guide’s explanations and the guide can keep an eye of you to prevent unexpected things to be happened. While exploring the jungle, you may see some rarest animals such as orang utan, lesser mouse deer, thomas leaf monkey, malayan giant squirrel, silvery lutung, pit viper, and many more.

Those animals won’t be found in other cities or countries beside South East Asia so you won’t feel disappointed to go there. Don’t worry since the tour will serve you lunch in the jungle so you can feel closer with nature. The break is longer enough so you can regain your energy back and continue walking while exploring wildlife. You will not feel disappointed since Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour knows what you need during trekking and the trip takes 6-7 hours, the cost is 35 Euros/person, we walk exploring a part National Park to see orangutans and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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