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Six Day Trek Kutacane

Six Day Trek Kutacane

Six Day Trek Kutacane : To The Border Between North Sumatra and Aceh
Want to have a good times in North Sumatera? Then Bukit Lawang is the answer. You don’t need to go there by yourself and join this special packaging tour with Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour. If you want to get away from daily activities for a while and live outside of city, you just need to apply for six day trek to Kutacane with following schedules:

  • Day 1

In day 1, the trek will start from 9 am. However you need to have breakfast before going to jungle where cocoa and rubber plantation are. This tour will take half an hour so you can learn how to grow cocoa and rubber. After that, you will go straight  to orang utan conservation to learn about their behaviors, observe their activities in searching for fruits and building nests. Of course, in that territory, you will not only see orang utans but also other creatures from the same family like monkeys, siamang, wau-wau, giant birds, and reptiles. Talking about camping ground, you will sleep at Landak river below Mount Uning

  • Day 2

In day two, you will continue trekking after having breakfast to the river ridge. Of course your camping ground changes and you will sleep in Bohorok river. On the second day, you may see many wild elephants since it is their territory.

  • Day 3

In day three, you will continue trekking up from Bohorok river and you may sleep higher than before.

  • Day 4

Following on the fourth day, you will go up from Bohorok River and follows one of rivers from Bohorok. Of course, you will sleep higher at 1150 meters.

  • Day 5

Arrive at Terkicong Lake and you are going to sleep there and you need to prepare yourself to go Aceh.

  • Day 6

On this day, you might arrive at the border between Aceh and North Sumatra. But it won’t be the end of your tour since you need to begin the journey for Kutacane. After that, the car will bring you back to starting point by car. Remember, you will start in the Morning (note: we can start the trek at 9am, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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