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Three Day Trek : Memorable Experience to Live in The Jungle

Orang Utan population is in danger and you can see this lively creatures in Bukit Lawang. This tour will guarantee you to get the most memorable experience. You can walk, sleep and live in the middle of rainforest for two nights. But don’t worry since you may sleep in jungle camps made of woods and have meals served by the guide. Three day trek is different from others since you can go deeper in the jungle and explore more about living things. Same with other treks, you will go back to starting point by rafting down from bohorok River.

In the first night, you may sleep near Landak located at Batu Gajah. This land is rarely to be visited by the tourists since not many of them want to spend more days in the jungle. But in Landak, you will feel closer to real environment of jungle. The second night, you will sleep at Aras Pinang near Bohorok river as your way to home. But batu Lawang Jungle tour offers another option for you to spend a night on Jamur Batu river which is located in Landak and Bohorok river while the second night is still in Bohorok. It is shorter than the other two since the porters can’t bring the tubes for rafting too far. It is good for you of course if you don’t want march so far.

The experienced guide will accompany you in a group of six people as well as explain about wildlife in jungle. But, the guide won’t only point out the species and plants inside the jungle since they will cook as well for your meal and help you to cross the hill if it is slippery. On the third day, you may go back to Bukit Lawang at noon with two choices. You can choose to raft down the river of walk back across the road. The trek will start in the Morning (note: we can start the trek at 9am, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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