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Two Day Trek: Spend A Night In The Jungle

Two Day Trek: Spend A Night In The Jungle

The most popular package in Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour is two day trek for tourists who want to see the living things in jungle completely. It is perfect for people who want to spend more time in jungle to see orang utan and other species. Also, it is suitable for people who want to spend a night inside the jungle and return to starting point for the next afternoon by rafting in Bohorok River or walking back to the first route. The expert guide will help you to get closer to jungle and wildlife in a group of six people. While trekking, the guide will point out some species and orang utan of course as the star in Bukit Lawang.

While exploring, the guide will cook your meals in jungle so you can experience to live in wildlife. Perhaps, it can be your first experiences ever. Also, the guide will hold your hand tightly while going down the hill if it is slippery to prevent something unpredicted that can be happened. Bukit Lawang Jungle’s motto is keep smiling since orang utans don’t like if the people who want to see them have sad faces. Believe it or not, but orang utans want to make memorable moment for your lifetime. In day one, the trek will start at 9 am and your guide will pick you up at the guesthouse. After joining with other guests, you may walk through the gate of National park and start trekking. At noon, you will have lunch and after that, you may continue to see wildlife again.

You may experience such a wonderful night in camp ground since the guide will entertain you with some games, music and performances. The tent is made of wood covered with plastic to protect you from rain and wind. In day two, you will start trekking again until finish. Note: itinerary refers to contemporary schedule, some adjustments may be necessary because of weather conditions (in the rainy season we may ask you to make an earlier start, but it is not essential as we can continue even in heavy rain) and the characteristics of the group (e.g we can make the trek longer or shorter according to your physical condition).


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