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More Activities at Tangkahan Deluxe Elephant Adventure

More Activities at Tangkahan Deluxe Elephant Adventure

Do you want to explore more in Tangkahan? Want to see Sumatran Elephants closer and ride them longer? You can choose Tangkahan deluxe elephant adventure in Bukit Lawang. Actually, it is the same with the ordinary one but deluxe tour has many activities. It will start in the morning and it takes 2,5 hours to get there. Along the journey to Tangkahan, you can see beautiful scenery of past palm oil plantations and traditional village that still hold the old culture and it seems undeveloped. Because of the scenery, you won’t be bored during the journey.

After arriving at the place, you will see beautiful and gorgeous Sumatran elephants that can’t be found everywhere since this is the last population and it is believed around  2000 elephants only so they are needed to be protected so your next generation can see them. You can see, observe and ride it with expert that will accompany you. Of course, you need to pay for an hour elephant trek. The largest animal will bring you around Tangkahan and go back to starting points. After riding it, you can tube down from Batang river and exit at a stream. Of course the guide will walk until the stream for five minutes until you reach waterfall. At the side of waterfall, you can have lunch, relax yourself and play in the waterfall as well.

After spending some times in the river, then you will cross it until Salak beach where the car is. That car will bring you back to Tangkahan at 3.30 pm and it is the time for elephant to bath. This might be your experience in bathing the largest animal in the world. You can touch its skin, wash or even play with them in the river. What a perfect experience! After that, you need to go back to Bukit Lawang and have dinner. But please remember if dinner is excluded. The trip will start in the morning (note: we can start the trek at 8am, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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