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Term & Condition

What are you waiting for since Bukit Lawang is the last place to see the rare animals in the world called Orang Utan and other animals? You need to join our special tour with special price based on the package you will choose. However, you need to read the terms and condition before joining such as:

  • After receiving your itinerary, the tour will inform you the total of tour prices and it includes tour fee and booking fee.
  • After clearing the payment, once you arrive to North Sumatera, you will be welcomed by the tour guide.
  • Once you arrive in North Sumatera, the tour will provide the services to the accommodation.
  • You can choose between different individual travel services.
  • Also, you will receive the obligatory and rules by email and it will include tour details.
  • The deposit you have to make is in IDR or Euro. Credit card is acceptable through paypal, Visa, Mastercard and other international credit cards.
  • The deposit can be sent also by transfer using bank in Sumatera or other regions in Indonesia.
  • By joining the tour, the clients confirm that they are in healthy state based on the requirements. If you have some cardiac diseases, then you shall check your health condition before joining the tour to avoid the danger.

Morning (note: we can start the trek at any time between 9am and 12.30pm after having lunch, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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