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Tours Package: One Day Trek To See Orang Utan

There are many tours package that have been prepared by Bukit Lawang Jungle Tour but one day trek might be fit for you to maximize your opportunities to see orang utan and other wildlife. It is designed for tourists who want to spend more time in the jungle or they don’t have much time to spend more than one day and here is the short schedule:

  • At 6 am, the driver will pick you up at your hotel in Medan and drive to the location
  • At 9 am, you can join with other tourists to trek in a group consist of maximum six people. If you come late, then you will go on trekking by yourself.
  • At 9.15 am, you may walk to national park
  • At 9.30, you will enter national park and go trekking to the jungle with orang utan as the main attraction.
  • At 10.30, you may stop to see and pick some tropical fruits based on the season.
  • At 11 am, you may continue walking to see many endemic floras and faunas in the jungle
  • At noon, you may have lunch and break for a while to gain energy and return your stamina after walking for several kilometers. Fried rice is the food for lunch that will be given to tourists.
  • At 12,30 pm, you will go back to walk and see wildlife again especially the rare orang utan.
  • At 3 pm, the guide brings you to ride the raft from Bohorok River back to village. Another option is walking back.
  • At 4 pm, the guide ends the trekking activities
  • At 5 pm, the driver will bring you back to Medan and it takes about three hours
  • At 8 pm, you arrive at the final destination which is your hotel.

Are you interested to join one day tour? Register yourself and your families or friends to enjoy Bukit Lawang in short time since the trip take 3 hours, the cost is from 25 Euros/person, we walk exploring a part Bukit Lawang to see orangutans and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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