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Trekking Advisor to Bukit Lawang

Want to explore Bukit Lawang? You don’t need to spend much money to go on yourself and register to our travel tour. This tour will offer special facilitations such as accommodation, transportation and trekking guide. Somehow, there are some tourists who will use private car and add the accommodation so you can inform the tour before booking. However, one thing you need to know is the tour company will not charge any payment for hotel bookings and you just have to pay based on their normal price and you can only check the info about rooms in the tour website. It is better for you to book the trek in advance so you can get a professional guide with trusted license to guide you.

But you can get the unlicensed trekking guide who lives in Bukit Lawang village but they have experiences about the whole area in Bukit Lawang. However, you need to inform Tour Company for special requirements such as if you are vegetarian, if you have interest on some floras and faunas, if you have children that need special treatments and many more. The tour will help you and listen to it carefully. The price is valid for minimum of two people but single traveler still can apply if there is another single traveler too. If no one books, then you will pay for two. The trip take 3-4 hours, the cost is from 25 Euros/person, we walk exploring a bukit lawang to see orangutans and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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