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Wildlife : Unique Species in Sumatera

Before Sumatera has becoming an independent island in Indonesia, it was united with other lands called Sundaland such as Java, Borneo, Bali, and part of South East Asia. There are many floras and faunas in Sundaland such as tigers, rhinos, elephants, orang utans and others. Many of them has similarities since Sundaland is greater so many animals have passed through that place. Sumatra’s position was between the Sunda Plate as the border of Indonesia and Australian Plate. This position caused Sumatera slowly began to stretch from Bali to Andaman Island. The deep ocean became 7000 meters and the mountain range of Bukit Barisan has down to the length of Sumatera, Bali and Java.

This plate made Indonesia is surrounded by volcanic mountains and earthquakes. The result of volcanic explosion happened about 70.000 years in Sumatera and caused Lake Toba. The volcanic explosion was believed to give great effect on animal species and climates since there are different species of monkeys between North and South Toba. Other factors such as UV lights, high and low temperatures and other barriers in mountains have caused different and unique species especially in Sumatera. North Sumatera is one of the regions in Sumatera province that has many unique and endemic wildlife species such as Orang Utan. These animals are rare to be found in other areas in Indonesia and Bukit Lawang has rehabilitation for it. By joining the tour, you may explore and get to know closer with this kind animal. Please note: itinerary is indicative only, variations are possible due to weather (in the rainy season we may ask you to make an earlier start, but it is not essential as we can continue even in heavy rain) and the characteristics of the group (e.g we can make the trek longer or shorter according to your physical condition).

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