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Amorphophallus : One of The tallest Flowers in The World
Rafflesia might be claimed as the biggest flower in the world but Bukit Lawang still has a giant flowering plant called Amorphophallus. This plant is one part of arum family and it can be called as arum lilies though they are not related at all with lily flowers. It can grow from small to the largest inflorescence flower in the world. The titanium types can be flower Sumatra especially Leuser Mountain. The early step of growing, the flower became from seed and then the stem will grow. The leaf will capture sunlight like other green plants using photosynthesis and it will be kept inside tuber. Leaf and stem will die after some months but the tuber is still there. After some period of times, the tuber will go higher and grow.

It doesn’t need seed anymore to grow since it has tuber left on the ground. The tuber itself can grow higher than before and it can weight 100 kg. If the tuber has reached more than it, it will become the largest tuber in the world. But other tubers might grow smaller than it and local people in Sumatra consume it as vegetables. Though it doesn’t have bad smell but during the growth, it can emit powerful odors to attract pollinators like flies. It is similar with Rafflesia Arnoldi. Besides flies, beetles can be the one also. How about it? Are you interested to see the second largest flower in the world? Then you can join Bukit Lawang and remember the note: itinerary is indicative, variations are possible due to weather (in the rainy season we may ask you to make an earlier start, but it is not essential as we can continue even in heavy rain) and the characteristics of the group (e.g we can make the trek longer or shorter according to your physical condition).

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