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Sumatran Elephants : The Rarest Species of Asian Elephants

Sumatran Elephants : The Rarest Species of Asian Elephants

In Sumatra, there are endemic animals that can only be found in certain places. Sumatran elephants are one of the three subspecies elephants in Asian range beside India and Sri Lanka and Boerneo elephant are believed as the fourth species of Asian elephants. Between those three species of elephants, Sumatran is the rarest since the population is not many anymore. The colonial era after Dutch came to Sumatra caused much population of them being murdered. The ivory has the high price more than gold’s price. However, in 1931, Dutch launched the animals’ protection and today Sumatran is counted to be around 2500.

Sumatran Elephants has 20 pairs of ribs while other species have 19 and African elephants have 21 pairs. Though they are the smallest, but they really have big ears and longer tusks than others. 5000 kg is the weight of one elephants and they can reach around 3 meters tall. They live lowland rainforests and spread from North to South. Some of them also live in leuser mountain and bukit lawang. Their main foods are bark and twigs, grass, and leaves but they don’t really like fruits. To keep them alive, it needs about 50.000 calories each day. Many of them die every year because of murder from hunters who want to get the ivory. But, bukit lawang rehabilitation protect if from legal hunting and you can see with your own eyes the rare elephants here in the morning (note: we can start the trek at any time between 9am, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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