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Sumatran Pit Vipers

Sumatran Pit Vipers

       Sumatran Pit Vipers : The Most Killer Snake Found in Bukit Lawang
As you might know before if vipers are venomous snake that can be found around the world. Once it bites you, the toxic will slowly kill and weaken the system inside your body. They long fangs will distribute the haematoxic venom to the person and Pit Vipers are one of them. They are believed as the true vipers that live in Indonesia and their homeland is Sumatra. The name pit doesn’t come from their habitant but they have pits between their eyes and nostrils. This snake is heat sensitive and they can find prey in the darkness because most animals that live at night seek their foods with heat.

What you need to know is there are dozens of pit vipers that live in Sumatra and four of them are endemic such as Sumatran, Brongersama, Gunalen, and Toba. The color of vipers that live in Sumatra is green colors with seven species are found. However, female pit is not green and they are dominated with black stripes. Other species can be found in many lands in South East Asia like white lipped pit. This kind of viper lives in india and Nepal. Barat Bamboo pit lives in West Sumatra especially in Mentawai island. You can get the antivenom in Indonesia but it is not necessary. Though it is believed to be killers, but usual medical treatment can cure it. If you want to see this venomous snake, then you can join the tour and the trip take 3-4 hours, the cost is 25 Euros/person, we walk exploring a part Bukit Lawang to see vipers and other primates, like Birds or other species of monkeys.

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