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The Dancing Bird: Great Argus in Bukit Lawang

The Dancing Bird: Great Argus in Bukit Lawang

 The Dancing Bird: Great Argus in Bukit Lawang

If you want to see the beautiful bird that lives in jungle near Bukit Lawang, then you must see the great argus.
This bird is one of the pheasant species that are found in many forests in Borneo, Thailand, Malaysia and of course Sumatra. This bird can be found and differentiated easily since its upper body is reddish brown. The name Argus came from mythological Greek because it has numerous eyes on its tail feathers. The main foods of Argus are mostly fruits but sometimes, it can consume insects. Like other animals, the male and female birds have different characteristics. The male Argus is known with its dance and they will dance during the breeding season to attract females birds.

The male will spread the tail and dances before mating with females. However, they live in small range based on the dancing ground. Many people think that it is a peacock since they only have three peafowl species. Great argus only lives with genus Argusianus and they are still related to argus species called crested argus Rhinardia Ocellata. Rheinardia Ocellata lives in Vietnam and Malaysia at rainforests. If the argus especially male has eyes on its tail, the crested ones don’t have it. You can see this greatest bird in North Sumatra if you join Bukit Lawang Tour which offer special package tour to enjoy many endemic faunas there in the morning (note: we can start the trek at any time between 9am and 2pm, however note minimum group sizes (you have the option to pay extra, with a smaller group).

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The great arghus pheasant


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